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How to buy a vintage coat


Vintage photo of women in vintage coats and hats - SoLovesVintage

Well, I must admit that even though I love autumn (especially in London the parks are magical this time of the year) I am not a fan of cold weather. And we all, for a fact, know that after autumn, winter is certainly coming. However, autumn/winter are seasons that you can play...

What to wear in winter & be stylish

Carrie Bradshaw winter vintage outfits

January is fashion's hibernation month. The festive sparkle gone, your resolutions are set, sales are on (so no new collections yet) and you're probably feeling already bored with your winter wardrobe. It's getting colder and darker and you probably want to buy new clothes but your budget gone out of the window with Christmas shopping, so what's...

What do you prefer: White or Burgundy?

Marianna Chalkiadaki is wearing our white vintage 50's dress

Yes, we are now officially in fall season and soon enough winter will knock on our door (quite depressing!) However, vintage lovers don't despair, as winter fashion is always more fun with lots of layering. Time for vintage inspiration on how and what you can wear this winter from our collection! Marianna is a fashion blogger and here she's...

How to wear vintage accessories

In this post we take a look at how to wear vintage accessories everyday. Warning, the photos below are from one of our favorite's vintage bloggers, Barbara who lives in Brazil and she's still wearing summer clothes (ahhhhh!!!). Well, it's Brazil and it's hot and we're super jealous.

Barbara Graves a...</p>
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The Power of Color with fashion blogger Anna

Vintage lover AnnaRoslilly is wearing a solovesvintage wool vintage skirt

The power of color in fashion and in our mood is undeniable. Color has the power of persuasion and it can instantly change your mood. And this is not us creating another fad; it's scientifically proven that color indeed helps boosting your mood. It is a powerful communication tool and can dramatically affect...