Why wear vintage clothing today?

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Everywhere you look these days you see the word "vintage" as if it has just been discovered. From high street to high fashion, from Vogue to gossip magazines and with designers revisiting vintage archives for inspiration, vintage fashion is in FASHION indeed! Consumers, on the other side, are increasingly aware of the need for sustainable fashion quality rather than quantity! And so, you're becoming much more selective when choosing how to spend your money. Fair enough, I'd say.

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I started wearing vintage many years ago when it wasn't fashionable or cool. Mostly because I then adored and still love the process of finding the "one" or as I call it, the quest for the hunt. You can throw me into the messiest and disorganized vintage or thrift shop with junk everywhere, and I promise you that I'll unearth a fabulous wearable vintage piece. The excitement and rush of adrenaline is something that I thoroughly enjoy (I might need to check this out!!)

Why to wear vintage clothes today

Here's why you should indulge in vintage clothes:

  1. INDIVIDUALITY -"Fitting in is for schoolgirls. Being different is not a crime, my dear, but an asset. You are an individual."
  2. QUALITY over QUANTITY - We live in a world which expects us to consume and buy, buy, buy! Well, you don't have to! Open your wardrobe and count how many of your clothes can be worn now and after 10 to 15 years! Yes, clothes that are made from sumptuous fabrics, fit properly and shape your body perfectly, stitched beautifully inside out, cost more. But remember: if a 50's vintage dress made it to 2018 unscathed, then it can be worn for more years to come and passed on to a loved one. Can you say the same for a dress you bought for £10?
  3. ECO FASHIONISTA - Our actions affect the environment and the way we are living. Vintage fashion is recyclable and sustainable (see all the changes in the weather conditions!)
  4. HELPING SMALL BUSINESSES - Most of vintage shops (online and off) are start-ups and buying vintage pieces from any of us makes a HUGE difference in someone's life. Just imagine: if we lived in a world where we exclusively shopped in big department stores and in every city or town you visited you found the same clothing stores, restaurants chains etc - that would be the end of INDIVIDUALITY (it's kind of what is happening right now and it's really sad). What's next?
  5. MEMORIES OF A DRESS - Have you ever wondered how many women wore your vintage dress before you? What kind of lives they had? How many parties they've been to and to what music they danced? Now you can add your own memories to it. Fascinating, isn't it?

Do you have any more reasons to add? Let me know below.

...to be continued...


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