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Carrie Bradshaw winter vintage outfits

January is fashion's hibernation month. The festive sparkle gone, your resolutions are set, sales are on (so no new collections yet) and you're probably feeling already bored with your winter wardrobe. It's getting colder and darker and you probably want to buy new clothes but your budget gone out of the window with Christmas shopping, so what's next?

Well, we have a solution for you! Before you chuck all your clothes out of the window or take it to the charity shop, just hear me for a second or two. In every woman's wardrobe there are some fashion staples, the base of your look. A pair of black tailored trousers - perfect for work and going out. A white crispy shirt, a great fit vintage leather pencil skirt. Do you get the gist? Consider these as the most essential and timeless pieces that make your wardrobe classic. So, you treasure them and keep them. Want more outfit inspiration?

Carrie Bradshaw winter outfits and how to wear them

I enlisted a very famous vintage lover, Carrie Bradshaw from the TV series Sex&The City to guide us through the freezing months of January/February with her fabulous outfit ideas. Fan or not of the TV series, her fashion acumen is even now, after so many years gone by, totally on trend and timeless. She's constantly wearing vintage pieces like this fuzzy fur jacket (and YES, I'm against cruelty to animals but I also prefer to recycle than throw a vintage piece into the landfill), but also mixed it so perfectly with designer pieces. Chunky knits, cozy wool skirt suit, princess-style 50's tulle dress and a fabulous white coat are simply stylish pieces for the perfect blend of vintage chic and modern sophistication.

Get Carrie Bradshaw's look with vintage clothes

Yes, now you can get her laid-back look with SoLovesVintage pieces.

Carrie Bradshaw winter outfits

Her coat collection is out of this world! Look at some of today's fashion trends that she wore 10 years ago. White boots/heels? Check. Beret hat? Check. Leather fur coat? Check. Mid length coat? Check. This is why I keep on talking about timeless pieces! You buy once, you wear forever! Well cut clothes are never out of fashion. Invest in quality, vintage lovers.

Let me know if you are a Sex&TheCity fan!

...to be continued...

Sofia x

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