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Sofia, owner and stylist of SoLovesVintage
Hey, vintage lovers, it's been a long time but I am trying to jungle the site and generally life and sometimes there is too much to handle. So, apologies for not keeping up with the blog posts. Every now and then, when I usually post a personal photo on facebook, I receive a call from a friend asking me in awe and dread how to wear vintage clothes everyday and why everything I wear looks good on me. Well, she's my friend! (she has to say that.) So, today's vintage post is all about how to incorporate vintage clothing into your everyday wardrobe.
Sofia Tourlakidou, the owner of SoLovesVintage
Above I'm wearing a 50's vintage dress with a green Zara cardigan, Jimmy Choo shoes and Reiss sunglasses. As you can see it's not a full on vintage outfit. Let me tell you this: you don't need to wear head to toe vintage pieces to be a vintage lover. Everyone has their own distinctive style, so adding a vintage dress or a vintage jumper into it, will transform your look into a more eclectic fashion statement. Just a great example of how to wear vintage clothes every day is also Jane Aldridge from the fashion blog Seaofshoes who's a keen vintage lover. Go and have a look for more retro style ideas.

Brigitte's vintage styleHow to dress like Brigitte BardotDress like Brigitte Bardot

But for today's blog I picked Brigitte Bardot, as her 70's vintage style is so iconic and timeless to emulate. She's wearing pieces that you caneasily find and mix it according to your own needs. Throw to the mix the weather's unstable personality (or fall in other words) and this minimal vintage wool coat is essential for your everyday vintage inspired look. If you're like my friends, and this is the trick, I'd stop right there. It's a great start for a frightened, non-vintage lover to deep into the vintage fashion waters.

Wool vintage coat in white - SoLovesVintage

If, on the other hand, you own a winter coat, then add a finely vintage knit sweater like Hailey top to your vintage collection. This top is versatile, in a beautiful color and easy to wear with trousers, skirts and your favorite denim. But the most incredible and well-fitted vintage trousers that I have ever found, is this pair of velvet , low waist one (seen below is the green wool trousers.) I called it Becky as it has a great fit but not great hair. The fit (again!!!) dear vintage lovers, is amazing. Yes, the size is tiny. You can see it on our model, as it's exactly her size; it fits her perfectly.

Hailey vintage peach top - SoLovesVintageVintage velvet trousers by SoLovesVintageVintage velvet green trousersPeach vintage knit top - SoLovesVintage

Complete the look with a wool vintage hat and our vintage designer Dior sunglasses. But most of all, the trick to a beautiful outfit is your confidence ladies!

Looking forward to your comments. Is Brigitte one of your favourite vintage icons? be continued...

Sofia x

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