This spring's coolest vintage coats and jackets

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Is March the official month of spring? I'm wondering because when I look outside, it's nothing but..You thought that you're so close to ditch your wool coats and go straight to floral dresses, but hey, you didn't consult the weather forecast, did 'ya?  In this post we're going to show you the coolest vintage coats and jackets to wear now. Obviously, you do not want to hear more about heavy, dark colored winter outwear but the coats I'm referring to are not for cold weather and are perfect for this season.

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I'm talking about stylish stripped and bright jackets, exquisite bold silk satin coats and leather jackets. These vintage pieces will be an instant outfit transformer from a simple look into an eclectic one. What really matters is the perfect cut, retro details and of course the vibrant color that will elevate your look. Whether you mix it with your worn out jeans or favorite dress, the vintage coat will refresh your total look. See above how Carrie Bradshaw elaborated the spring coat and jacket trend. 

Slip on our new collection red 60's jacket as an alternative to your denim cover up. With big pockets and embellished buttons this vintage jacket can be worn with every piece of your wardrobe. It's the perfect garment to update your look for spring.

 how to wear a vintage coatCatherina Baba styleHow to wear a white leather jacketHow to wear a vintage coat like a street style pro?

What better way to start spring than in a striking one off vintage coat? I dare you to mix floral patterns and prints and go wild for a statement look. Howevet, if you're on the minimal side, then I propose you go for an all white look or for instant perfection go for monochromatic. Below you can be inspired from the stars of street style and take ideas on how to wear your spring coats.

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Synonymous with elegance and simplicity white can be easily rock n' roll when it comes to a battered vintage leather jacket. Spring has sprung after all and biker jackets are coming out off every woman's wardrobe. Versatile and sharp can transform any dress or outfit into a statement look.

Let me know how you're going to wear your spring coats and jackets below. be continued...

Sofia x

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