The Power of Color with fashion blogger Anna

Vintage lover AnnaRoslilly is wearing a solovesvintage wool vintage skirt

The power of color in fashion and in our mood is undeniable. Color has the power of persuasion and it can instantly change your mood. And this is not us creating another fad; it's scientifically proven that color indeed helps boosting your mood. It is a powerful communication tool and can dramatically affect feelings and emotions.

Fashion blogger Annaroslily is wearing a solovesvintage wool vintage skirt

Every vintage decade has its own characteristic color. Mixed vintage prints remind us of the groovy 60's, wild and loud combinations lead us to 70's fashion and brash colors take us back to the extravagant 80's. Vintage hues and print amalgamations are apparent in contemporary designs. A sneak peek on Gucci's new collection will take you back to 80's vintage fashion.

How can you  incorporate color into your wardrobe and specifically every day? As you can see from the photos we attached in this post, Anna is a blogger from Luxembourg, who loves and wears color and here she's showing us how to incorporate it every day. Her fabulous blog is an example of vibrant styling and mixture of colors. Anna, in the photos, is wearing our vintage knit skirt and her jcrew coatIf you want to find more about Anna's colorful adventures you can visit her blog.

AnnaRosLily fashion blogger is seen wearing a solovesvintage wool vintage skirt

Here are our styling tips how to wear color everyday:

First and foremost, organize your wardrobe and color code it.

All black together, all reds together etc. Why? Dressing up in the mornings will definitely become a foreplay and a great start of your day. Forget formal black and classic navy. You can look formal in a great wrap dress plus feminine. And, if you work in a male-dominated environment, then add a long chunky cardigan.

Another trick to embrace color is to buy a vibrant winter coat. The myth that your coat needs to be the same hue as your outfit, well, is totally old fashioned and outdated. Go for red, blue and even yellow. These colors exude confidence and have the happy go lucky attitude. They match almost every color and your mood will definitely will be positive.

Additionally, in our books everybody wants to have a happy-go-lucky attitude. It totally brightens up your day.


Ps. Cerulean blue! What a posh name! Who created? Oscar de la Renta be continued

Sofia x

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