The most iconic retro hairstyles

Amelie Poulain short bob hairstyle

Spring is coming (keep telling this to myself!!!) and it's the perfect time for a new hair cut, don't you think? Today's post is all about hair and the most iconic retro hairstyles in fashion history. Whether you like your hair short or long, there's always another layer to cut or color to go for by adding a touch of retro vibe into your look. Current hair looks are inspired by old decades and why not?

Louise Brooks vintage bobLouise brooks famous bobNatalie Portman in a short bob

One of the most recognizable hair styles of all decades is the sharp bob of Louise Brooks. The 1920's silent actress and flapper girl popularized this style and created the new wave of "the new women" phenomenon,according to which women become bolder and more independent. Even though it's a boyish bob with fierce minimalism, this retro hair style exudes strong femininity. Liza Minelli as Sally Bowles, Uma Thurman as Mia, Natalie Portman and of course Audrey Tautou in Amelie, all have the same haircut with variations in different movie roles. I would say go for this cut if you have poker straight hair. No maintenance at all.

Jean Seberg in her pixie hair cutMia farrow in her short haircutWinona Ryder is her short hairstyle

Another legendary vintage hair cut is the pixie. Seen on Jean Seberg, Mia Farrow and Wynona Ryder, this hair style is not for the faint-hearted. 'Pixie' suggests a natural elegance with no pretense. Effortless and not forgiving at all. Halle Berry, Michelle Williams and Sharon Stone are rocking it, why not you?

Britt Ekland hairstyleJean Birkin hair style

And finally the famous 70's brow skimming bangs hair cut. Made popular by Brigitte Bardot (BB's hair is a whole post itself) Brit Ekland, Julie Christie and of course Jane Birkin it was and still is one of the most wanted hair styles. This look is lighter and looser and worn longer. Bangs were grown out to enhance and draw attention to the eyes while longer. Though 1970's was a decade for many other famous haircuts such as the 'shag' (see Jane Fonda in Klute), the 'flick' (see Farrah Fawcett), straight and sleek (see Ali MacGraw), 70's bangs is the longest of all trends.

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