It's time for red vintage pieces

Marilyn Monroe is wearing a red vintage dress

Yes, you heard correctly, it's time for red color to take over our instagram feeds (@solovesvintage) and fill our wardrobe with red vintage pieces. Personally I don't wait for Christmas (the right time to talk about it) to dress in red. I love the vibrancy, confidence and fiery vibe that red transcends, so I try to wear it every season. It enhances any skin tone from pale to dark and it mixes easily with most colors. Though, I totally understand when customers are hesitant of its boldness. It does have a seductive effect as it is a standout color. While I'm sure you've your fixed ideas of what you'd like to wear at a party, I might just have found a few pieces to sway you to another direction. Here's our favorite vintage red pieces.

How to wear red vintage pieces from SoLovesVintage

If you're searching for the perfect dress that can be worn in an office party but also for dinner with in-laws, this is the dress for you. Our first vintage outfit is this breathtaking silk-chiffon tiered dress by John Antony. This vintage 1950's red dress is utterly refined and beautifully cut with a bow collar and sharp thin pleats. Nothing says effortless chic quite like this ultra feminine dress, styled with a 20's embroidered vintage handbag, sparkling star clip on retro earrings and accessorized with a thin gold vintage belt. Just add your favorite gold/silver heels.

How to wear vintage red pieces from SoLovesVintage

However, if you're looking to brighten up your everyday wardrobe and you are a 70's fashion lover, this fabulous 100% silk mini dress is a winner. Yes, it's eeny meeny mini. To balance the length wear it with leggings (ok, super thick) leggings or even better your skinny jeans. Versatile and is super wearable and with the cute peter pan collar and side pockets (a confessed pocket lover, me too), this attention grabbing color will put you into focus.

Marilyn Monroe in a red vintage dress

This post is homage to Marilyn Monroe and her fabulous glamour look. To emulate her timeless style here's another 1950's vintage look. This striking vintage chiffon dress is perfect for an hourglass body shape ( tiny waist, bigger bust and free on hips). Accessories are important as they add a glamour touch into the outfit.

Vintage outfit with a retro red vintage dress

Not convinced yet? We've a wide selection of red vintage pieces online. Pick a red knit top or a wool 60's retro coat. Remember! Our clothes are dry-cleaned and precious. When you buy a vintage piece you enter another woman's past life and give it a future by adding your own life into it. Even after decades these retro pieces will be on trend and quality perfect.

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