How to wear vintage accessories

In this post we take a look at how to wear vintage accessories everyday. Warning, the photos below are from one of our favorite's vintage bloggers, Barbara who lives in Brazil and she's still wearing summer clothes (ahhhhh!!!). Well, it's Brazil and it's hot and we're super jealous.

Barbara Graves a vintage blogger of Old times blog

Barbara picked our vintage nautical cap (as it's vintage, it's only one piece) and the photos show you how she wears it everyday. Note to self: Sign up to SoLovesVintage newsletter for discount codes and be the first on new vintage arrivals. How cool though Barbara looks? She styled our vintage cap with a cute mini dress and accessorized it with a skinny belt and a leather bag. This is the perfect example of how to throw into the mix vintage accessories for retro vibes.

Brigitte Bardot is wearing a black biker hatJean Birkin in a wool biker capCatherine Deneuve in a french nautical hat

It's time we went back to the decade that the famous cap becomes a staple to everyday wear. Are the French ladies to blame for this fashion trend? Catherine, Brigitte and the usual suspect of Frenchie iconic trendom, Jane Birkin. This 70's fashion trend it seems that will be here for many decades to come. To get an original vintage hat then head to our website as we still have another nautical hatAll of them are dressed in different looks, but the hat mixes perfectly with all of them.

Barbara Graves, the vintage blogger of Like Old Times blog.

We love how Barbara paid attention to her make up look with this style. The deep red lipstick is a great juxtaposition to her dark navy cap. It gives her a vintage glamour flair.

Like Old Times Blog vintage blogger Barbara Graves

Taking inspiration from Barbara's chic update on how to style a vintage cap, pick your own vintage accessories now by styling it in your unique way. Individuality is what makes vintage an one-off experience. be continued...

Sofia x

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