How to wear a prom dress by Rebecca

Rebecca from the blog A Clothes Horse is wearing a prom dress from SoLovesVintage

There is usually a misconception that vintage clothes and more specific vintage dresses are only for special occasions. This myth may have been created by the fact that if you're wearing a 50's prom dress you probably need to look like a pin up girl. Full make up, curled hair, red lips (you got the idea); but this is not the case. My goal, when I started this business was and still is, to make vintage accessible to more people and to help women realize that they can develop their personal style, not only from the high street, but also from past decades to express their personality.

I do understand that mixing and matching is not something all women can do with an ease and that makes lots of them avoiding vintage shopping. However, through instagram (hurray!!!) I've met another great woman and fashion blogger, Rebecca whose kooky style and whimsical photos will definitely enchant you. She picked this 50's yellow prom dress and styled it in her own personal way and she looks magical! When a vintage piece fits you like a glove, the rest is history.

Fashion blogger Rebecca is wearing a yellow prom dress from SoLovesVintage

Rebecca is not a die-hard vintage lover and yet she managed to find this vintage prom dress and transformed it into a fierce statement look. She accessorized it with her raffia fish shaped bag, favorite boater hat and her bright yellow pumps. She looks ultra feminine and so chic.Rebecca from A Clothes Horse blog is wearing a yellow 50's dress from SoLovesVintage

So, dear vintage lovers, mission accomplished. Another myth has been debunked and as you can see whether you like a 50's dress or a 70's vintage top, there will be a way to add it in your wardrobe.

To see more photos of Rebecca in our prom dress visit aclotheshorse blog and indulge in her striking photos full of nature and travel trips.

How to shop the best prom vintage dresses - SoLovesVintage

To check our vintage dresses visit solovesvintage. If you need any help please email me. Even if it's about alterations on our pieces. be continued...

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