How to shop for the perfect 1950's prom dress?

How to shop for the best vintage prom dresses now online - SoLovesVintage

It's one of the classiest and most popular pieces of vintage clothing that every retro obsessed gal should own or at least wear once in her lifetime. Yes, I'm talking about the one and only 1950's prom dress. Even Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City channeled the prom dress outfit more than once in New York and Paris. It's every girl's dream ( probably a preview for a wedding dress) to wear an original 50's prom dress.

How to shop for 50's vintage prom dresses - SoLovesVintageBrowse our 1950's vintage prom dresses now online - SoLovesVintage

Without further ado let's dive into the magic world of unique 1950's retro style prom dresses. The way to shop effectively and buy the best fit, length and color is to determine what is the occasion and how to pull the prom outfit look unique every single time you wear it. Truth to be told ,the vintage prom dress is a statement and forever piece to pass it along to your loved ones when you feel it's not your cup of tea anymore. 

Prom Dresses that Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex and the City - SoLovesVintageCarrie Bradshaw in vintage prom dresses - Read at SoLovesVintage

Before we go into how to style your prom dress lets talk about its history. Prom was actually introduced in United States in mid-to-late 1800's at colleges and universities and it derives from the word promenade dance (prom), a semi formal black tie event known as the gathering of high school students. It promoted social etiquette and manners to each year's graduating class, before they went out into the world of adults. Interesting huh?

Vintage elegant prom dresses by Christian Dior1950's vintage prom dresses by Christian Dior

Taking inspiration from Christian Dior's breathtaking prom dresses with layers or tulle, lace details and exquisite craftsmanship to Carrie Bradshaw and Sex & The City feminine and sophisticated outfits done in an effortless and modern way worn in a city. We show you how to master the way of wearing a prom dress in a sophisticated and edgy style. We take a look at our elegant prom dresses that will help you create an eternally chic style with beautifully crafted formal long, tea length or short prom dresses and in striking colors. 

Shop vintage short red prom dresses online - SoLovesVintageVintage prom short teen dresses - SoLovesVintage

If you're shopping for your teen the best choice  would be our Nalha elegant vintage red prom short dress with silver details and rhinestone brooch. In red chiffon and quite fitted bust, this 50's electrifying prom dress is perfect for a petite lady. Though if you like red color but you prefer a longer version take a look at Juliet prom dress with feminine bow details and chic back and of course both dresses have tulle underneath. These prom formal dresses are versatile and can be easily worn on other occasions as well. 

Red vintage prom dresses now online - SoLovesvintageBrowse our stunning collection of vintage red prom dresses - SoLovesVintage

However if you love a long length prom dress in a ball gown style, then this yellow and green Hollywood style chiffon dress, Jean ball gown, is the perfect silhouette for you. With open back and an attached scarf, this glamorous 50's yellow ball gown exudes regal charm and sophistication. Another long length prom dress with sleeves and a fiery pink hue, is Amaryllis 70's gown. Featuring front slits and flowy silhouette, This formal dress is an attention-grabbing choice for your prom dance or other parties. 

Shop long prom vintage glamorous dresses now online - SoLovesVintageShop vintage long prom dresses now online - SoLovesVintage

Not convinced? Looking for something unique and awe inspiring gown (all our dresses are unique as they're vintage) with utterly divine lace to steal the spotlight? Then this 60's Paley ball gown is supremely elegant and designed to hug your curves. In vintage soutache lace and in blue color, this A-line vintage ball gown transcends fleeting trends as an elegant example of timeless aesthetic.

Shop this breathtaking 60's satin ball gown - SoLovesVintageShop fabulous prom dresses now online - SoLovesVintage

Another wonderfully wearable blue prom choice is Caroline 60's dress. It's a cocktail style dress with beaded details, long tulip sleeves and an investment piece as it can be worn on many different occasions. In knee length depending on your height and with a belt this stunning 60's fashion vintage dress will add a touch of retro glamour into your wardrobe. 

70's fashion boho gown - More at SoLovesVintage70's fashion aesthetic - Prom gowns

Last but not least, Emmy is a breathtaking long vintage prom dress in light orange color. The perfect 70's gown to wear in your prom event. Quite fitted in the bust area with a rhinestone brooch detail  this evening vintage dress is feminine yet full of hippie deluxe vibes!!!

For more fabulous vintage fashion glam dresses go online on our website. But beyond the dress, beauty and hairstyle, just wear your vibrant, bold confidence and everything will feel and look perfect. And don't forget to dance a lot!


to be continued...

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