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Fashion blogger Sissy from Valid Style is wearing our vintage t-shirt

There are some essential staples in every woman's wardrobe. For some, it's a stylish vintage dressfor others, it's a fitted skinny jean that makes your bum look perfectly shaped or a classic white cotton t-shirt. How can a piece of undergarment that was used in the U.S. Navy become arguably the most popular outwear garment in the entire world? Maybe in the same league as denim trousers. Though the T-shirt is dated back to 19th century, it has become famous and skyrocket since Marlon Brandon wore it in a movie entitled A Streetcar Named Desire.

 Nawal from the fashion blog serialchineuse is wearing our pink t-shirtFashion blogger Sissy from valid style is wearing our vintage inspired tee

T-shirts today can be highly collective and highly expensive as in the case of Gucci and Dior tees. A t-shirt is the perfect blank canvas to make a bold political or social statement. For us, here, at SoLovesVintage, it was all about drawing attention to the message of Yes, we're fashion beings who adore vintage and eclectic style that represent individuality, but we're also conscious of the environmental impact of clothes on our planet. Inspired by 70's fashion and Studio 54 Warholism we picked bold tees in red and pink and we even gone a bit too far of designing a very vibrant print. Our vintage inspired t-shirts are 100% cotton and in limited edition. We, honestly, have a small quantity so as to create an iconic tee for true vintage lovers. 

 Nicole from Darling Dots vintage blog is wearing our vintage inspired t-shirtShannon is a  vintage lover wears our red vintage inspired t-shirt

This post is also about the vintage lovers around the world who wear our vintage lover inspired t-shirt  in pink and red. Let me introduce you Nawal (first left photo) from Paris, who's a bona fide vintage lover. So,  if you love the Parisian style with retro vibes, then go and read her inspiring blog Serial Chineuse. Sissy is one of the fashion bloggers whose love of bold and pink is undeniable. So, naturally, our pink vintage inspired tee resonated with her immediately. Check Sissy's instagram if you want more inspiration on how to mix and match pink.

Shop vintage lover t-shirt in redShop our pink vintage inspired tshirt

Then, on the other side of the Atlantic, and specifically in New York city, we have Nicole, a vintage lover with retro sensibilities and a blog full of stunning vintage style photos. Go and see more of Nicole's looks at her blog DarlingInDots. She styled our red vintage lover tee with the iconic coca cola bottle. What better way to mix and match!!! Back to Europe we visit France, but this time in the country side with pin up girl Shannon and her retro inspired instagram feed, full of stripes and red lipstick. Grateful to the power of the internet and instagram that unites and connects like minded people to find their own tribe and feel a sense of belonging.

Let us know if you like our new vintage inspired tees? be continued...

Sofia x

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