Desirable Vintage Pieces to transform your everyday look

Desirable vintage to wear all summer long! Read on SoLovesVintage

It's officially summer and today we're going to show you the most desirable vintage pieces to transform your everyday wardrobe. Pieces you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe to inject a retro aesthetic. Plus these retro and vintage clothes are not exclusively to wear only on summer but the whole year round. Vintage clothing is all about timeless style without being seasonal. Ok, lets hit the road.

Vintage summer 60's floral dresses - Shop SoLovesVintageShop 60's and 70's style vintage floral dresses - SoLovesVintage

First we picked these 60's and 70's fashion vintage dresses with bold print and long sleeves that can easily be worn all seasons. On winter just add boots, tights and a cardigan and on summer your espadrilles or sandals and ready to go. Vivian and Brigitte vintage floral dresses will create stunning summer retro outfits by adding these fabulous prints into your wardrobe. 

Retro Hawaiian print shirt - Shop SoLovesVintageVintage Jantzen polka dot midi skirt with retro hawaian shirt - Shop SoLovesVintage

Another favorite and new vintage piece is this vibrant retro print shirt. It will definitely add color and a cool vibe into your summer outfits. Wear it to the beach or mix it with denim or your shorts for a Hawaiian retro style. It's a great vintage shirt to pair with other bolder hues like orange, green and blue for statement summer outfits.

Vintage pink Oleg Cassini trousers - SoLovesVintageSummer pink outfits - Shop SoLovesVintage

Pink aesthetic fan? Then these stunning vintage Oleg Cassini trousers are for you. Cigarette style and high waist, it will become your favorite pair of trousers. It's exquisitely made with lining and beautiful silk/satin fabric. A truly great retro piece to have in your wardrobe. 

Vintage Hungarian gauze cotton embroidered top - Shop SoLovesVintageVintage hungarian gauze cotton peasant top - Shop SoLovesVintage

To all boho vintage lovers who like effortless yet eclectic retro pieces let me introduce you to Alexa gauze cotton peasant blouse. This super bohemian style top aka the Hungarian gauge cotton embroidery blouse is the ultimate gypsy style garment you want to have in your wardrobe for the best summer vintage style outfits. The red stitching and the light soft cotton, makes this retro piece a must-have. 

70's vintage cullottes online - shop SoLovesVintageVintage 70's cullottes online - Shop SoLovesVintage

If 70's fashion stole your heart then we got these vintage style culotte trousers for a retro statement. Cool, bright colors and super 70's look, this retro piece is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Perfect for summer casual outfits but also evening looks with a 70's aesthetic vibes.

 For more vintage and retro clothing go online and have a browse.


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