6 Vintage Outfits Cool Girls Wear in Summer

6 Vintage retro outfits cool girls wear all summer - Read SoLovesVintage

Is summer the best season of the year? Yes, yeah absolutely and totally YEA!!!! Love summer and the scorching, unbearable heat (not in London but in Greece). But lets get back to fashun and all the vintage summer outfits you, cool girls would love to wear. 

In summer I'm all about retro style 1950's dresses as they are colorful and light to wear with sandals, heels and even trainers. Vintage summer dress, Divina is the epitome of the best retro aesthetic for hot summer days. In a beautiful floral pattern it is delicate enough to wear  everyday. And at evenings just add your favorite heels or espadrilles for a retro vibe. 

Vintage 80's silk dresses - Shop online SoLovesVintage

The next summer vintage outfit you will adore is this 80's silk vintage dress. Dainty, super light weight and in this turquoise/green fabulous hue, Fifi 80's aesthetic vintage silk dress will be your timeless summer favorite retro dress.

Vintage summer 80's jumpsuits - Shop SoLovesVintage

Opt for an 80's retro style jumpsuit like this Gia bright pink one. Fabulous for running errands during the day or wearing it for summer hot nights. The perfect piece of vintage clothing for bold and statement street style summer looks. Though ,if you are on a pastel side of hues, then Maddie shorts retro jumpsuit will be your best option.

Vintage Cacharel culottes trousers online - SoLovesVintage

For all the minimalist retro lovers I've sourced this subtle and neutral vintage Cacharel pair of trousers. In tan color these vintage pants are the epitome of a great classic vintage piece to build your wardrobe around it. Perfect for all seasons and the 70's flare makes it easy to wear even with knee high boots .

Shop bold and edgy summer looks - Shop SoLovesVintage70's vintage kimono online - Shop SoLovesVintage

To build an eclectic retro wardrobe you need to shop carefully and strategically and.... yes .. it takes time. But then you have an array of eclectic outfit ideas that can last you forever. The vintage outfits above are a great representation of which retro pieces you should go for. The tangerine vintage skirt is definitely an eclectic retro piece. Pair it with another bright color or simply wear it with a white tee and in both scenarios you have a fab summer outfit. The second summer outfit is again bold yet effortless as the vintage kimono adds a 70's aesthetic vibe. 

Vintage silk striped green dress - Shop SoLovesvintage online Vintage silk striped dress - Shop SoLovesVintage online

Last but not least, take a look of this marvellous silk vintage dress. A fantastic retro style dress with puffy sleeves, beaded buttons and lots of stripes. Timeless, quality piece with the wow factor. 

If you didn't find your favorite vintage summer piece then go online as we have many more. 


...to be continued...

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