1970's fashion trends are everywhere!

Ali Macgraw is 1970's vintage icon

Would you say that 70's and 50's are the most popular fashion decades that come to mind when you're thinking about vintage clothes? Today's post is all about the 1970's fashion trends that you're already wearing today. Look around you and you'll see boho printed dresses, suede knee high boots, opulent velvet jackets, sleek trouser suits, cozy polo neck jumpers and many more. Seventies is the decade of stylish women like Ali MacGraw, Cher, Brigitte Bardot, Marianne Faithfull that established an eclectic style and made the 70's the most sought after decade for vintage inspiration.

Ali Macgraw 70's styleAli MacGraw 70's style

Ali MacGraw's wardrobe for the movie Love Story is incredibly wearable today and a great example that timeless pieces like this wool white coat stand the test of time. Her accessories though, real fur hat and scarf finish off her laid back and look perfect. Ali started her career as a model, so her relaxed style carries on in her real life pairing this tiny suede shorts and knee high boots with a tailored jacket.

Brigitte Bardot 70's styleBrigitte Bardot fashion influence

Have you noticed that Brigitte Bardot's look is always in fashion? Because of her famous hairstyle or her feline make up, she is one of the most iconic women in 70's fashion trends. Always in a statement fedora hatand big sunglasses this is a vintage look that guarantees you are being noticed.樀

Cher style iconCher 70's style

Inspired by her sensational bohemian look, Cher is well known for her outlandish statement costumes but her everyday looks were synonymous to hippy luxe sensibility. Loose embroidered mini dresses and super chic 70's suits were amongst her favorite pieces in her wardrobe.

Marianne Faithfull 60's styleMarianne Faithfull 70s

She is a singer, song writer, model, actress and once upon a time the other half of Mick Jagger. You might say that she's more a sixties girl but still her 70's looks are truly inspirational. I love the vintage cape as a coat alternative and how she styled it with white tights and patent leather heels.

Which one of these looks are you wearing today?

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