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How to shop for the perfect 1950's prom dress?

How to shop for the best vintage prom dresses now online - SoLovesVintage

It's one of the classiest and most popular pieces of vintage clothing that every retro obsessed gal should own or at least wear once in her lifetime. Yes, I'm talking about the one and only 1950's prom dress....

How do you care for your vintage clothing?

How to care for your vintage clothing - Read online at SoLovesVintage

You love and wear vintage clothing regularly but you have encountered washing disasters as some of the garments haven't got washing instructions. Behold as in this blog post we're going to talk about how to care for your vintage clothing. Washing instructions were introduced around 1970's but still it's...

Vintage Inspiration benind s/s 2019 fashion trends

Read : Vintage inspiration behind spring/summer 2019 fashion trends

Spring is on the way and so does the new fashion trends for S/S '19. As always contemporary designers have borrowed (and sometimes blatantly copied) from by gone eras/designers and today we're going to talk about the retro inspirations behind spring/summer 2019 fashion trends. So get a cuppa and...

Ultimate guide: Vintage Essentials

Audrey Hepburn wearing Givenchy - Read our blog post

New to vintage online shopping? Here's the ultimate guide to buy the most coveted vintage essentials that will help you build a unique and eclectic wardrobe. Plus it will give you extra points as you're helping the environment and lessening clothes waste. Finally you will definitely pay less for undoubtedly better quality pieces.


6 Amazing Vintage Pieces For The Best Street Style Outfit Ideas You Should buy

6 amazing vintage pieces for street style outfits you should buy now

Ok, vintage lovers, it's the end of January and spring will sprung soon. So let's exercise our positive vibes, lots of them please and talk street style outfits. Well, fashion weeks are on the way, so if you're attending or you love perusing the street style fashion squad parading their fabulastic street style looks, this...