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Vintage photo of women in vintage coats and hats - SoLovesVintage

Well, I must admit that even though I love autumn (especially in London the parks are magical this time of the year) I am not a fan of cold weather. And we all, for a fact, know that after autumn, winter is certainly coming. However, autumn/winter are seasons that you can play along with your fashion choices as layering is vital. Which means you need to wear more clothes, more options and thus more shopping! The most essential autumn piece that we all need now is a versatile winter coat. So, this post is all about warm, cozy and stylish vintage coats. How do you pick your new vintage coat? Firstly, let's get some fashion inspiration from the most iconic women and their own coat choices.

Audrey in her white coat Old photo of Audrey Hepburn in a red vintage coat - SoLovesVintage

Audrey Hepburn is a well known style icon and a woman who knew how to maximize the appeal of the pieces she was wearing. The perfect example of 'I'm wearing the clothes and not vice versa' kind of a woman. Her coat choices here are from acclaimed movies like Charade, are in bold colors with big buttons and in knee high length. The white coat with the gold buttons and shorter length, is her own coat, as she was seen shopping outside. We, mere mortals, that we're using public transport  will definitely need an effortless coat or vintage jacket in shorter length as it will be easier to move; jump on/off the bus, down the tube, run to the office (you got the gist of it). Therefore, I would suggest you buy a vibrant coat. Winter is moody and cloudy and you'll unquestionably be in a desperate need for a ray of light, color.

A vintage photo of Brigitte Bardot in a trench coat - SoLovesVintageAn old photo of Brigitte Bardot in a leopard coat - SoLovesVintageBrigitte Bardot vintage photo in a wool jacket - SoLovesVintage

Another style maven is the sexy Brigitte Bardot, who along with the fabulous Marilyn Monroe embraced a more relaxed and timeless style into their coat collection. Seen above Brigitte in a trench, leopard print coat plus a wool cinched in waist jacket in eternally chic colors. 

Barbra Streisand in a fur vintage coat - SoLovesVintageAn old photo of Jane Fonda in a red wool coat - SoLovesVintageA vintage photo of Marilyn Monroe in a coat - SoLovesVintage

The list of famous women in their statement coats is very long (I can add hundreds of photos), but, as I mentioned before, your life/location/budget/style might be a slightly (hugely) different than their lives, so what you need to take into account when you buy a coat is:

1. How much are you going to wear it? Depending on where you live/weather.

2. Is it for everyday use?

3. Are you driving to work or taking public transport? 

4. What is your budget?

5. Are you looking after your clothes? Meaning this is an investment piece and, therefore, you want to buy something special. You'll wear your garments for more than one season, if you take care of them. Coats need to be dry-cleaned! Once a year.

6. Look for the perfect fit. Talking about proportions here. This also is relevant to your height. For example, if you're petite, a shorter jacket or coat will be proportioned to your body shape, so better fit and look. Sleeve length must be in the middle of your palm. Also, look out at your shoulder's seam. Is it exactly on your shoulder? Can you stretch your hands (to check the size) easily? If yes, that's the right size.

PS. There is an old fashioned myth that the color of your coat must be neutral (black, grey, tan, navy), so it'll easily mix with your other garments. This is totally false. The color of your coat can be any color you like, really. Besides, when you enter a room, you will take off your coat, so what's the fuss about?

Here are some of our vintage sale coats in wool, leather, mohair and faux fur but we have much more so visit our online shop (link on top) and pick your favorite.

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I wish you a very well thought coat shopping. If you need my assistance, drop me an email. We also provide alterations. be continued...

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